$25,500 in sales booked in six weeks doesn’t just happen with the wave of a magic wand.

It’s not about being in the “right energy” and just BOOM! Quantum leap, quantum cash, and quantum clients.

It’s a methodical process filled with focus and precision. Almost like sur...

My client who made her first $7k sale within three weeks of working together.

Let's dive in to talk about how she did it!

This is a client she had already pitched before we had started together. (She pitched them $1,500/month for 3 months, or something).

Lucky for her,...

Let's celebrate a $5,000 Pay In Full on the first week of 2020 with Val Cripps

This is more than a sale for Val.

This is an act of fully exploring her genius and aligning herself with the best client for her who has already gotten a return on her investment.

It's about...

his is a video of one of my clients receiving a confirmation that she closed a $6,500 pay in full deal while we were on a coaching call. 

This deal was for two days' worth of work.

It also  allowed her to make some priceless industry connections.

It's is a career-chang...

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