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How to create consistent client results and ensure they happen in 4-6 weeks instead of 4-6 months

How to create consistent client results and ensure they happen in 4-6 weeks instead of 4-6 months so you can take your $7k - $12k cash month to $15k - $20k cash months within the next month.

You know you're amazing at what you do and your client results are fantastic!

Yet, now that you're looking at everything that's going on, you know that if you could create bigger results with your clients, make it more predictable, and do it faster, things would change big time for you!

Not only would you feel more fulfilled and excited about your business because hello! New achievement!

But it would be so much easier to convert those around you and KEEP your current clients if you got them better, faster results.

Which would then allow you to double to triple your current income by raising your prices, AND upselling your current clients in less time so you can bring new ones on board.


I thought you'd be so I decided to create this fun 4-part series where we dive deep into how you can create this for yourself.

I'm notorious for creating client results in DAYS and you are fully capable of doing the same.

See, the reason you haven't created this yet is because of one thing you haven't fully tapped into: your creative consciousness or as I like to call it, Your Creatrix.

The Creative Mind is the core of all creation and holds limitless power.

Unfortunately, the Creative Mind has been conditioned by society and more specifically for Creative Business Owners, by coaches and programs that never take your own unique Creative Mind into account.

The best way to shift that is to de-condition and un-learn what doesn't fit to unleash the infinite power of your Creatrix.

For Part One of this series, we're going to use the Child Archetype of your Creative Consciousness to go deeper into your High Value Desires.

Desire is what connects us all and it's what will connect YOU to your client's deeper desires, which will allow you to serve them at a deeper level.

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