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How to create THOUSANDS of dollars of recurring revenue this week

No tech/ads/large audience required.

Let's face it - this pandemic has caused an economic downturn and we may be heading for a recession.

Of course, you know that just because the country is in recession, it doesn't mean you have to be

You create your own reality after all and the best time to start creating that future is now, right?

So, you're thinking how you can create some recurring revenue that will allow you to ride the waves now and later.

Maybe you can do a $47 membership site, or a monthly $197 mastermind?

Well, you COULD!

Except as soon as the recession hits, the first thing people are going to cancel is going to be those "little" expenses.

Why? You ask?

Value, of course!

So, what do we do instead?

Try this!

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