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How to sell 3-month $15k offers with ease and create intimate client relationships that are fulfilli

Yes, you've sold $15k offers before…

AND you and I both know that that was for a year-long private mentorship with you and a few months into delivering the program, you start losing steam and feeling burnt out.

And sometimes, your clients crash their contract anyways and are late on their payments.

This model doesn't work for you!

Ideally, you'd like to sell $15k offers for 6 weeks of working with you but you don't feel like you're there just yet.

So, let's meet half-way and talk about selling 12-week $15k offers with clients who you KNOW will renew for another 3 months at $15k or more and who you are ecstatic to serve.

No more dragging yourself out of bed to do your sessions.

You get to be not just excited about serving your clients, but INSPIRED by them and I know just how you can create that for yourself.

See, I often speak on how the Creative Mind has been conditioned by society (and business coaches) which limits you from creating the exact business model you want and living out your deepest creative expression and purpose.

One of the side effects is a lack of intimacy in your client relationships.

Sure, you've been taught how to sell - but no one's taught you how to actually create a healthy, fun, fulfilling relationship with your clients.

When in reality, it's the relationship that makes all of this worthwhile, keeps you motivated to keep growing, and keeps your clients coming back - again and again for years.

So, wanna learn how to create that?

Of course, you do - and you will in this four-part series.

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