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How to transition from chasing low-quality leads to magnetizing high-quality leads

How to transition from chasing low-quality leads to make $3k this month to magnetizing high-quality leads to create your first $10k cash month in 30 days.

Let's face it: right now, you're spending most of your days having dead-end conversations with people with a million excuses as to why they can't work with you.

You're hearing that they can't afford it, that they're looking at different options (meaning the cheapest option) or that they're just not interested right now.

You're tempted to reduce your prices but when the pandemic hit, you already slashed them by more than 50%. You just can't afford to reduce the even more right now.

Especially because you KNOW that your work is worth more than that and that you're brilliant!

It just doesn't seem that anyone around you sees that. You know that you selling what you're currently selling at two to three times your current rate is possible, but you're stuck on the HOW.

You see others doing it and you've tried it before and you hit the same roadblocks you're currently hitting.

Are people even buying what you offer anymore?

Of course they are!

So where are they?

They're all around you! In fact, they're even in the prospects who are saying they can't afford your current $500 offer. That's not true. In fact, they can afford the $2,000 offer you tossed aside.

So, where's the disconnect?

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