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How to turn your visibility into weekly $5k cash full pays

A.K.A why although your engagement has gone up, your bank account numbers are heading the opposite direction and how to shift that.

We're always hearing that visibility is KEY. And don't get me wrong!

It's incredibly important.

If no one knows you exist, they can't buy from you and you can't serve them, right?

But what happens when you've got all eyes on you and tons of people around you, yet when it's time to make the value and cash exchange, you suddenly feel invisible?

The more people you've got around you, the more people you can sell, right?


Whaaaat? So, what gives? What needs to shift so that you can use your internet fame to your advantage and not just look the part of a six-figure business owner but have your bank account look the part - even during Rona?

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