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How to use the Creativity Loop to create consistent $5k cash sales

Right now, there's a really interesting thing happening in the industry.

Coaches are telling their clients to lower their prices so they can get more sales.

What's happening for you when you decide to do that is that while you're signing on more clients, you're actually making half of what you used to make before the virus hit.

AND you're working twice as much with clients who take more energy and attention.

What this is creating within you is a feeling of resentment and like you're losing an uphill battle to your $10k - $20k cash months.

I feel you and it's not your fault.

What these coaches didn't take into account is the Creativity Loop.

See, the Creative mind can often get caught in a loop and sometimes it's to your benefit where you're bringing sales you're excited about left in right and other times, it's a loop of struggle and uninspiration.

Let's chat about how you can use the concept of The Creativity Loop to your advantage to create several $5k sales in a row THIS month.

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