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What it looks like to build a seven-figure business with EASE, FUN, SIMPLICITY, and SPACIOUSNESS

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

What it looks like to build a seven-figure business with EASE, FUN, SIMPLICITY, and SPACIOUSNESS by combining a healthy mix of BOTH logic AND intuition. - Things go your way ALL the time. Even when they look like they're not, they ALWAYS work out and you ALWAYS get what you want - that's both in your business and life.

- It doesn't take a lot of time or work to make your money. Yes, you have to do work, but you don't need to be online all the time and you don't NEED to have systems, ads, and teams working for you 24/7.

Which means you save time, money, and energy to do whatever you want. (I'm actually trying to come up with ideas to put all this extra time, money, and energy I find myself having towards something)

- You feel SUPER fulfilled with everything you do. You KNOW that your presence is consistently making an impact. And your presence becomes a present. And your clients' results show it all across the board.

Their tangible results are not flukes and they're doing something meaningful and impactful with their lives.

- You use your own creative genius to create transformation and results within yourself and your clients. No need to copy your coach's system, or strategies. You create your own and that's what people buy - so they ALWAYS get the results they hired you for.

- You're able to charge five-figure fees to create deeper, more intimate relationships with your clients.

Which results in guaranteed renewals from them, so you don't have to constantly market and sell because your current clients would NEVER stop working with you and paying you.

That's how you eliminate the funnels


(Also, since you're charging five-figure fees, you don't need to sign on as many clients because... math. I go over how to do that so it feels aligned for my clients and so they actually get sales in the video)

- And so much more. I go over it in this 💣💣💣 live

Let me peel back the curtains for you. Step into my office


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