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What makes a $5k - $20k offer that SELLS?

This is a really important question as I run into so many creative entrepreneurs who have tried charging more for what they do and who seem to fall short. You get the workbooks going, you've got all the bonuses and deliverables set up, you've even drummed up massive interest and following. And then when you launch your offer... crickets **** MEANWHILE **** You could do it differently: 1. Decide that you want to create a higher value offer 2. Sit down and think about the RESULTS you want to create and with WHOM 3. Create a solid, unfuckable-with process that will almost guarantee these results for the right person. 4. Get excited about this new offer and tell errybody about it 5. Make your first sale within a week and two more in the span of 3 weeks. 6. Celebrate your amazing new clients, your first of many $20k months, and the amazing results you're about to create together. 7. Refine your process so it gets better results. 8. Rinse and repeat That's how my clients do it at least and you can too. Let's dive deeper into the details!

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