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Why simply raising your prices won’t make it easier to get to consistent $20k months and what needs

Most of the time, when business owners want to scale, they decide to raise their prices. It’s a great idea for most. But for some, it ends up creating comparisonitis and leads to sinking profits and a feeling that this was a bad idea. Raising your prices is not necessarily a bad idea. And like everything in your business, it needs to be strategic. Can you raise your prices today and get paid what you’re asking? Hell yeah! My clients do it all the time. But in order for them to do it successfully, one big thing has to come into play: their point of difference. If you don’t have a point of difference, your people will just compare based on price and it could go to the cheapest person. So, here’s what I do with my clients so that they can sell $10k packages without their customers even blinking at the price tag. 1. Why do you want to charge what you want to charge? Why do you believe you deserve to receive that for what you're charging? 2. How confident are you that your client will receive 2-3 times the value of what they’re paying? 3. What is it about your work that your people will find different to justify the price tag for themselves so you don’t have to?

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