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    It's now easier for you to have a website that works without sacrificing your good taste. Say Good-Bye to Boring Templates and "Hello Gorgeous!" to this one-of-a-kind modern design.

    Get instantly branded with this easy-to-use Premium Wix Website made for the entrepreneur who needs a professional web presence that'll convert doubtful customers into clients who'll happily hand you their money!

    Soul Sites are gorgeous so you can stand out and stay in the minds of your visitors and functional so it's easy for your customers to get the info they came for and buy from you.

    What do you say, is this your soul site?

    • Customization Options

      You can customize your website yourself, or we can take care of it for you so you don't have to. 


      If that sounds more appealing to you, here are your options:


      Basic Customization (+$250) - change colors, fonts, pictures, maybe deleting a certain piece of the layout, adding their website copy, checking links, and changing SEO titles.


      Deep customization (custom quote) -  If you'd like to alter the layout of the design in any way, or you want additional sections and pages, this option is for you. You will not be charged for deep customization when you purchase.


      Instead, you will be contacted by our team once you purchase the site with a custom quote. Depending on the size of the project, our quotes normally range from $300 - $1,000. It already includes basic customization of your site. 

    • Blog/Shop Optimization

      If you purchased a blog and/or shop option, you can either choose to transfer your products/blog posts to your new site yourself, or we can take care of it for you! 


      Here are your options:


      Blog Optimization: We'll transfer up to 20 blog, vlog, or podcast posts to your new website. (+$350)


      Shop Optimization: We'll add up to 30 products to you store for $500 more.


      Or you can bundle it up for a grand total of $700!


      Have more than 15 posts, or more than 30 products? No worries! We'll work it out to the exact number after you've purchased your site.


      As a general rule of thumb, each additional blog posts will run you an extra $15 and each additional product will be an extra $5

    • Screenshare Tutorials

      If you're a complete tech noob and would feel more comfortable having a professional show you how to navigate the back-end of your site, choose how long you'd like your screen-share tutorial to be. It's $35/hour.


      You'll be sent a link to book a convenient time for you and we'll walk you through everything you need to know about how to use and customize your site. You'll also receive a recording of your custom tutorial right after so you always have access to it. 

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