$25,000 in sales booked; $13,000 cash within 6 weeks of working together.

February 11, 2020

$25,500 in sales booked in six weeks doesn’t just happen with the wave of a magic wand.

It’s not about being in the “right energy” and just BOOM! Quantum leap, quantum cash, and quantum clients.

It’s a methodical process filled with focus and precision. Almost like surgery.

So, how did this happen for Miss Marina? Well, let’s break it down.

Marina came to me with bits and pieces of her brilliance floating around in the vast ocean of the online world.

She had made sales before and even had a fluke $4,200 month once. But was widely inconsistent in creating sales and never made more than that $4k in her business.

She was teaching a slightly tweaked version of a modality she learned from an estranged mentor.

Some of her clients had gotten some really cool tangible results working with her, but she attributed that to the modality she learned from her mentor.

She had a couple things she was offering. Most recently, a $750 class to teach people her past mentor’s stuff.

She wasn’t even aware of her magical gift that was FAR more potent than that of her mentor’s before she met me.

Her messaging was way off. Her inbox was full of people who kept SAYING they wanted to work with her, but who never moved.

And she was overworked, stressed out, burnt out, etc. all while trying to keep a semblance of peace and kumbaya for her audience.

It’s commendable, really that through all of that she decided to work with me.

And here is where the real work began.

The first thing I had to do with Marina was guide her through seeing her Keynote Brilliance.

See, like many of you, Marina is good at a lot of things. But there’s one thing that she’s exceptionally good at: translation.

And we built a business that revolved around that ONE keynote brilliance and we harnessed her other gifts to support that one thing.

Once we found out what her brilliance was, we looked for clues of how it created results and transformations in past clients and other people.

She was skeptical at first. She kept attributing everything to her old mentor’s stuff.

Until she realized that the modality she was using on her clients wasn’t actually what her mentor taught her, but something entirely different. See, as a creative, she created her own thing and got shunned from her mentor’s world because of it (as most brilliant minds are😉)

So, to break down her skepticism, we broke down her actual process. We looked at EXACTLY why and how these clients got the results with her.

We looked at what she did with them and reverse-engineered it brick-by-brick.

And thus, Coalesce was born.

But it wasn’t fully developed. We needed to figure out who the hell was going to see the magic in both her gift of translation and her one-of-a-kind process.

That was my job. One of my gifts is channeling High-Impact Clients. I know who your perfect match client is and know just what they need from you to sign on with you.

So, we reckoned that her H.I.C.s were spiritual wizard entrepreneurs who had issues speaking to muggles, but who would have a lot to gain if they did.

And with Marina’s gift of translation, it was a match made in heaven!

We spent some more time fleshing out the details of her program and her High-Impact client and naturally, Coalesce turned into two different iterations to serve two different types of people.

I also allowed this to happen to meet Marina where she was at in her transformation.

Because while we were bringing things together, she was still experiencing tons of doubt coupled with excitement.

Finally, her program was ready and she knew who was a perfect match for it.

But where would she find the people? She even doubted they existed!

What we learned is that her High Impact Clients were right under her nose.

They were actually friends who FINALLY saw her brilliance!
We built up her courage and confidence so she could approach them and when she did, they signed on and paid in full. And that’s where $8,500 in cash and $13.5k booked came from within week 3.

Week 4 she signed another client on and then her old paradigm reared its ugly head yet again. (This is absolutely normal, of course)

All the patterns she was operating in before we started working together came back full force and with it, the flood of drama.
That’s what I call the storm BEFORE the calm ^.^

But of course, we navigated it together (because I don’t fire my clients at the first sign of imperfection. I see their vision and just how close they are to achieving it. Therefore, I know how to guide them to it.)

And right after the storm, Marina became a new person. She now handles shitstorms with the poise and grace of English royalty.

Then, in week 6, two more sales were booked to create a $12k day.

And now, we’re here. Starting a new program where we’re going to create consistent $20k months for her and she’s going to provide even more massive results for her clients.

I am incredibly proud of her for sticking through this process. She could’ve allowed her fears and doubts to sabotage this for her, like many do. But she stayed the course and is now living a life and a business full of bliss.

She is also now fully equipped to guide her own clients through the process she’s created with confidence, authority, and certainty.

And that will create a ripple effect in the world as humanity is graced by her creative genius and as her creative vision for herself and the world comes to life.

I am very meticulous about the work I do. No stone goes unturned and only the demons who will allow you to create your vision are allowed to stay.

AND this is a co-creation process. You’re in it just as much as I am.

It’s a lot of “risk” and high-achieving, and opportunity seizing with incredibly high rewards as you can see.

And of course, it’s one million percent worth it.

Now the question is, what will your story be? Will it be one of triumph, precision, and clarity?


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