$7,000 sale within week 3

February 11, 2020

My client who made her first $7k sale within three weeks of working together.

Let's dive in to talk about how she did it!

This is a client she had already pitched before we had started together. (She pitched them $1,500/month for 3 months, or something).

Lucky for her, the first phase of my process is what I call The Clean-up (creative, eh? 😉)

Anywho, during The Clean-Up, I look at everything around you that is out of integrity with your consistent $10,000 cash/month business.

Client relationships, potential sales, your current offers, the process for that offer, how much you're charging for it, and who you're marketing to.

100% of my private clients desperately need the Clean-Up phase. No matter how much of a boss they are. Katherine is a boss (she just had a meeting with fricking Nike) and she STILL required this phase.

Why? Well, because most creatives have created a low-value business model and structure and the clean up is the first step to creating a high-value business.

As I was saying, usually during the Clean-Up phase, I can find money floating around you and we'll strategize together on how we can make it land on you.

It turns out, Kat had $7,000 floating around her even though she had pitched them for about $4,500.

So, I guided her e-mail by e-mail on how to shift it so they would agree to pay her $7k with half down immediately, and the other half within 4 weeks because screw monthly payments.

Your clients should be fully committed to your offers within 4 weeks of your start date. That way, they can get max results.

Here's a brief description of the process I guided her through over Messenger so she could close that $7k sale immediately.

1. I asked her what she wanted. (She wanted them to agree to $6,000 in full. Or two payments of $3,500 because those were the new prices we had created together)

2. I asked her what fears she had around that. She was afraid that they'd say no because, in her industry, clients pay month-to-month, rarely in full, and OMG the price!

3. I explained to her why she was worth receiving what she wants. I did this logically, so her mind would get on board with setting her new boundary and creating her desire. Because yes, you may believe that you are "abundant AF" and deserving of everything you desire, but there's a difference between BELIEVING that and KNOWING exactly WHY you are.

I work on helping you know why because that confidence is stable and grounded, and never goes away no matter what's going on around you. Whereas, beliefs can be shifted as quickly as the wind changes direction.

4. I then explained why giving her what she wants was the best thing for the CLIENT. See, we often think our high standards and desires are selfish. Which is why we settle for less. But in reality, they serve others just as much as they serve us. And I can see and explain the specific reason why it's in your client's best interest to pay you $10k like NOW.

5. She simply relayed these reasons in her e-mail and just like that, the contract was signed, and she received a Direct Deposit of $3,500 in her bank account and will be receiving another one this month.

Let me make this clear, I'm a genius at what I do. I know exactly what you need to do next to create your next sale and your next $10k month. And it's always different and unique to each individual.

That's why when you try to rely on marketing tactics alone to create your five-figure months, you seem to fall short. Because it's not what YOU need to do to create it.

No, what you need to do is more intimate and hits closer to home. And it feels like everything you are and you know is at risk. Because it is.


And that's okay. Because Katherine was willing to risk it. She trusted herself and she trusted my guidance. She did the thing EXACTLY as I told her to and she created the result.

And that's why whether she had closed the sale or not, I'm proud of her. 🥰

And you, my friend, are just as capable as she is 😘


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