How to have a $6,500 weekend

February 7, 2020

his is a video of one of my clients receiving a confirmation that she closed a $6,500 pay in full deal while we were on a coaching call. 

This deal was for two days' worth of work.

It also  allowed her to make some priceless industry connections.

It's is a career-changing project she worked on where she really got to see how powerful her gifts are and just how amazing she is by creating abnormal client results for her client.

AND that due to the project scope being more than she initially thought, we're working on crafting an email to charge an additional $2,500 - which will make this deal a total of $10,000 cash.

Yep, we did that.

The best part?

Before we started working together, this client was flailing.

She was charging hourly and hoping her next client would come through so she could keep her business afloat.

On the outside, everything seemed perfect. Yet, she was still trying to put the pieces together to hit her first $10,000 cash month from online courses and programs she had taken before.

Then, she met me and she realized that everything I teach is completely unconventional and different from how she's been taught to make the income and impact she desired.

So, she signed on with me. Her first month, she made $7,000.

The next month, around the same. And the third month, $10,000.

We're now on our fourth month together and we're looking into going into $12k - $15k cash 

month territory.

I love that her transformation has both been quick AND consistent.

As we solidify her into all of these results, she'll soon be able to make MINIMUM $10,000 cash every month without even thinking about it.

It'll be her new normal and I'm so excited for her!

Part of the reason my clients get such quick and consistent results is that my genius for simplicity works well with the chaos of your creative mind.

I'm able to cut straight through it all, find YOUR creative gold and turn it into a serious business that brings you both the money you want and the fulfillment and impact you're already capable of making.

And we take it, find ways to communicate it so that both you AND your clients get what you want and deserve.

Bringing your creative vision to life is much simpler than you're currently making it.

Let's make it real now.


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