Val's first $5,000 Full Pay in FIVE years!

February 10, 2020

Let's celebrate a $5,000 Pay In Full on the first week of 2020 with Val Cripps

This is more than a sale for Val.

This is an act of fully exploring her genius and aligning herself with the best client for her who has already gotten a return on her investment.

It's about creating a ripple effect and a massive impact on everything you do for your clients.

When Val started her business back in 2015, she had no clue what she was doing and she managed to sell two $5,000 pay in full offers then.

From 2016 - 2019, she continued to invest in her growth. While she grew, her sales never seemed to grow at the same rate.

She started learning all the "rules" of the game without even realizing that those rules didn't apply to her.

In fact, she has her own way of creating sales and she needed to forget the rules and re-discover the way she naturally creates those.

How did we create this?

1. Val was EVERYWHERE when we started working together. She was following every self-proclaimed expert's advice on how to run her business.

As a result, HER results were all over the place. She was making consistent $5,000 cash months through multiple sources in her business.

All of her clients got results, yet not all got a financial return on their investment.

No shame. Everyone has had a mix of clients who got amazing results and clients who didn't.

So, we decided to figure out why. And most importantly, WHO would get financial results with Val.

Once we figured that out, one of them showed up in her field (this normally happens for my clients).

However, she decided not to sign on at the time because of her beliefs about money, etc.

2. Since I know that ANY objection is a reflection of work my clients need to do. I went deeper with Val.

We spent 6 weeks removing ALL the rules and all the shoulds she had learned in her last 5 years of online business.

We shifted systems, strategies, and even fired a few people who didn't fit with her original vision for her business and saved her $4,200/month

This left so much space for Val to truly understand how she a.) makes the best impact and b.) how she creates the best sales.

We also shifted Val's perception of herself and her gifts, helped her understand her power more deeply so she can communicate it more effectively.

3. Then, we went back to this lead and closed her that day via Messenger. Even though she "didn't have the money", she paid $5,000 in full.

How? Well, she created the money and followed a one-week payment plan.

AND Val was able to speak to her from a different place of leadership and authority.

See, what I've done with Val is amazing because we created grounded trust and confidence in herself and her gifts.

And that doesn't go away.

She now understands how to harness her strengths to create what she wants and use her "Weaknesses" to her advantage.

And she now has deeper access to the truth that her clients need to hear from her AND the brass ovaries to speak it even when it's uncomfortable.

Because she understands just how much it can impact someone's life.

In her client's case, she signed on 7 new clients in a week and HER clients also got amazing results.

I'm really proud of Val. She is a Creative Boss Bitch.

This work I do is deep and profound and we take a serious look at your business, and most importantly who you're being.

It requires deep intimacy and deep trust in yourself and in me as a guide.

And Val soldiered through it all.

And yes, we did end up making January a $10,000 month! 


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